What did we do before ?

When I have extra time to wait when I am in an airport I often take vidoes of what is going on around me. You may remember the conveyor belt and Manchester airport at 5:15 AM. This one was taken at National Airport which serves Washington, Dc this past July.  Cell phones and laptops have really taken us over.  I can remember when there was no place to recharge a devise.  Now there is even excess capacity.   So what did we do before?  Talk to some one? Read a newspaper, magazine or book?  Be bored? Be annoyed? How did we manage to wait for planes before all this technology.


Manchester Airport early in the morning

I do not consider muself a jet setter because I do not travel just for the sake of it.  I travel because I want to do something that cannot be done where I am living.  None-the-less, I find myself spending a lot of time in airports.

Traveling involves a lot of waiting so while I am waiting, I look around.  If something catches my eye, I take a photo but more likely a video because I don’t like carrying my heavy camera around.  Why do I have a heavy camera?  I have it because I love the zoom lens which allows me to shoot things that are either far away or close without moving.  Also I can shoot things that are elevated with less distortion because I can stand far away and bring them close with the lens.  This is good when I want to shoot an architectual detail.

Returning to the theme of travel, I find myself taking videos in airports.  The last was Heathrow and Pierre Trudeau where I felt as if I were on a conveyor belt.  This time I was truly amazed at the level of hustle and bustle at Manchester airport in England at 5:15 in the morning, people eating, drinking, gambling, sitting around, dragging suitcases what have you.

I am including the YouTube link although you will not be able to access it from here.  https://youtu.be/PThCtD3sJyU&rel=0




Conveyor Belts

This Wednesday, I was travelling between London and Halifax via Montreal.  In Heathrow airport I was attracted to a Japanese restaurant with plates of food going around on a conveyor belt.  Then I thought how the whole airport experience is in some way about people on conveyor belts.  Even though when you go through security you are not physically on a conveyor belt, the end effect is the same.  You are impelled forward through the maze of alleys by the people behind and in front of you.  Then there are the moving side walks.    In short, I feel I loose autonomy when I am in airports.  I am just swept along from here to there like the food in the Japanese restaurant. (You will notice that the YouTube video does’t work but if you click on the link it will take you to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XPqAvzopvzUo&Rel=0