Anapurnas, March 2020

As part of this trip to Nepal we spent a week walking up and down uneven stairs in the lower part of the Anapurnas. It is actually harder to go up and down steps than to walk up and down inclines because you cannot control the length of your pace. Some of the steps were very high. It was lucky I have been doing a new style of qi gong which has strengthened my leg muscles.

Eventhough we had people to carry our sleeping bags and toiletries, we still had to carry our water and snacks. Because I was the oldest person on the trip, guide’s son, who is in training, generously carried my backpack. I was suprised at how much easier that made climbing stairs.

I did not find the mountains per se very interesting. I saw them just as well on the internet. I did get interested in how people were living. Since we were in the lower elevations, 6,000 feet, the mountains were terraced to grow rice and other grains.

Most of the villages are not accessible by motor vehicle. There seems to be a lot of construction taking place as people are still recovering from the earthquake five years ago. The mountains are natural quaries. As you see in the video compact horses take stones up and down the mountains.