People watching is so much fun. Capturing that in still photos can be challenging because the person is changing all the time. I am doing street photography. I am not asking people to pose. I am a candid camera. When you work that way, you have to act fast. You can not hesitate waiting for a better shot. You take what you get. These are the informal portraits that came out well.

You may or may not be surprised at how many people are using cell phones even when having their picture taken. Were there really more women on the street than men or was I more attracted to their dresses. I loved all the red. Unfortunately many younger women are not wearing saris.

We spent one day at Raman Maharajan’s music school in Kirtipur outside of Kathmandu. When I thought about what soundtrack to put to the photos, I remembered that I had video of a small part of the student’s performance in the evening. Their music seems to me to epitomize the spirit of the Nepali people.