Mutual Appreciation

Why is this longish, 40 second video a mind dump.  It is because it came to me quickly, in one piece.  I didn’t have to make any decisions.  I just went straight to production.  Production, on the other hand, was a case of trial and error.  First, I took a 10 second shot of the scene.  I thought I will do the close up in the editing.  I learned iPhone videos have a very narrow depth of field so the whole close up was out of focus.  Then I tried zooming as I was shooting.  The focus was definitely improved but it was jumpy because I had to do the hand gesture several times.  Then by complete chance I discovered that if I put my finger on the magnification indicator a dial popped up.  I could move the dial smoothly but there was some shake.  Then I thought, why not take stills.  I set the camera with a very high ASA so I could hand hold hence the graniness of some images.  I really never liked using the tripod.  Once I finally figured out how keyframes worked, not thanks to the Apple help information, I obtained the effect I was looking for.

All of that was to say, I can shoot, reshoot, record and edit all in a few hours while the idea is still pressing to be expressed.  With analog technology it would have taken weeks.  If the first shots weren’t right, I probably would not have had the energy to reshoot again- develop film, make a contact sheet and if they still weren’t what I wanted, I would abandon the project.

I have done another video called Welcome to Aquarian Garden which will be coming out at the end of March when Layne Garret finishes the sound track.  That is a quick romp through the Garden. I thought it would be nice to make a slower video where people could see my favorite views of the garden.  What I see when I sit quietly.

Then Bobby Hill sent his letter about his Kanreki year; “Pianist Satoko Fujii hipped me to the Japanese concept of Kanreki, where one’s  60th year of life is approached as a time to remember life’s accomplishments, put former troubles behind, and celebrate entering the next stage of life.  Satoko celebrated her 2018 Kanreki by releasing a new recording each month.  My Kanreki year began August 9, 2019.

Some celebrants… “

It all clicked into place.  I could be another celebrant.  Saturday I would record Bobby from his WOWD This Music radio program.  The radio clips determined the length of the video.

The video is called Mutual Appreciation because that describes our relationship.  Before I left Bobby asked for a piece of my art work so he could have something of mine with him.  I am grateful to Bobby for all the great music and musicians he introduced to me.