In 1980 I exhibited a series of photographs called Domestic Disorder.  People commented but your home is so orderly.  In those photo objects had no comfortable placement; everything was jumbled and cramped like my dresser drawers before I organized them.

In 1986 I did another exhibit with Sheila Rotner.  This time the title was Order.   This time I took pictures of my neat house but I printed them as transparencies.  Then I cut them making three dimensional objects. I left out segments so that the viewer had to supply her own sense of order. 

The other day, I finally got fed up with pawing through things in my drawers.  An acquaintance explained that if your clothes are folded so that they are the same height as the drawer you can easily see what is in each drawer.  As you can see some drawers are more successful than others but I am very proud of how I am displaying gloves and socks.