Buying a New Cell Phone


My old iPhone 5 something was needing to be charged all the time.  I thought when I go to Washington, DC at the end of September, I will get a new battery installed.  I go to the Apple Store that is in the historic Carnegie Library, no longer a library.  I had even managed to book an appointment.  The first young man who helps me says, “Let’s run a test to see the condition of the battery.”  “The battery is just fine.”  I say “but it doesn’t stay charged very long.”  I can’t remember the details of the following discussion but some how it ended up that the best option was to buy a new cell phone.  I think it was that they no longer have replacement batteries for such old phones, maybe 6 years.  That I realize is an eternity in the fast moving world of technology.

What phone to buy?  I didn’t want a real large one.  I looked at 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.  There were small price differences.  They were all pretty clunky compared to the compact 5.  Then I thought why buy an outdated phone.  I looked at the 11’s.  The price differential was in the camera.  I don’t like using the cell phone cameras because they don’t shoot in raw and it’s hard to frame a picture well.  I ended up buying the least expensive iPhone 11.  It is a bit smaller than the others but still quite large.  I do enjoy using it.

Then the fun started.  I had to upload the contents of my old phone to the cloud and then download them to the new phone.  It turns out that the internet service is very slow in the Apple store.  It took about two hours which is why I could make the video.  I was trying out my new travel camera.  So I went around taking pictures while the internet was leisurely uploading and downloading my files.

When I returned to Beth’s apartment, I looked at the photos.  I liked them.  I thought, I will make a video.  I had to go back another day to record the sound track.