Carnaval in Santiago de Compostela

Three years ago a bit before Carnaval, groups came to Santiago from the province of Ourense.  Ourense is famous for the extravagent costumes they use for Carnaval.  I should have made the video then but didn’t.  Then the other day, the groups came to Santiago again.  I took videos which I did not use but which energized me to make the video at long last.

When I saw the headdresses the men were wearing, I thought they were inspired by the South American Indians.  It turns out to be the reverse.  A short time after the parade, I was in Patzcuaro, Mexico.  The guide was showing me some paintings of the indigenous  people in 1500.  I said, “This is where the headdresses come from.”  He said the Spaniards brought these with them and we adopted them.  I was surprised especially since Ourense is an inland province.  Even before all the advances in telecommunications, culture was being carried half way around the world.

The night time event is a local Santiago custom.  As you can see from the images everyone is enjoying themselves.