Flowers Don’t Cry

One day when I was looking at the Astromelia, I noticed the petals were dropping but they still looked pretty so I took a picture.  Then I remembered something Jeffrey Yuen said in class one day.  He said, the Chinese say, “Flowers don’t cry when their petals fall.”  I thought WOW, that would make a great 15 second video.  I would take pictures every day and voilá.  (Yes, I am studying French again.) I was struck by the beauty of the flowers as they withered and the petals fell.

The video turned out to be 34 seconds but still not a burden on the viewer.  Luck was with me when I started to record the voice over.  WKCR was playing “My Favorite Things” performed by John Coltrane, what an auspicious coincidence.  I let it play in the background.  Remember flowers don’t cry when their petals drop.