Manchester Airport early in the morning

I do not consider muself a jet setter because I do not travel just for the sake of it.  I travel because I want to do something that cannot be done where I am living.  None-the-less, I find myself spending a lot of time in airports.

Traveling involves a lot of waiting so while I am waiting, I look around.  If something catches my eye, I take a photo but more likely a video because I don’t like carrying my heavy camera around.  Why do I have a heavy camera?  I have it because I love the zoom lens which allows me to shoot things that are either far away or close without moving.  Also I can shoot things that are elevated with less distortion because I can stand far away and bring them close with the lens.  This is good when I want to shoot an architectual detail.

Returning to the theme of travel, I find myself taking videos in airports.  The last was Heathrow and Pierre Trudeau where I felt as if I were on a conveyor belt.  This time I was truly amazed at the level of hustle and bustle at Manchester airport in England at 5:15 in the morning, people eating, drinking, gambling, sitting around, dragging suitcases what have you.

I am including the YouTube link although you will not be able to access it from here.