Whose Bike Should I Steal?

This video came about because I had two very nice bikes stolen with in weeks of each other, while I was in Holland about 8 years ago.  Even before that, I was struck by how all the bikes parked on the street looked more or less the same, your basic black bike.  When I would go to a pancake house on Sundays, there would be 1,000 euro bikes parked there.  Most Dutch people have several bikes of varying quality.  The worst bike can be left on the street for long periods of time but not the good bike.  It goes out for pancakes and returns to the safety of its home.  My problem was that I only like to ride comfortable bikes and the basic blacks were not fun to ride.

On this last trip to Amsterdam, I decided to photographs bikes.  Some are left by themselves giving a feeling of vulnerability.  Others huddle together in disorganized heaps  which seem to offer more protection.  Then there are massive bike parking lots.  When the sun is shining, the  handle bars look like waves in the ocean.

The picture of the two recycling men is really an aside.  They saw me taking pictures and volunteered to pose.  They add a happy note to the video.

At intersections, if you press the walk button, you will hear these beeps.  To me that is the emblematic sound of Amsterdam.  I would be hearing it all the time, therefore, it became the sound track.

My video is the first you see.  For some reason this time, I could not block the other videos.


via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8LCKF9VG2s