Greeting Spring- March 20 , 2015

One morning when I went to the fruit stand to buy a fruit salad for breakfast, the lady told me her daughter was going to be in the parade.  I asked her where it would be and when.  The girls tended to all be butterflies because Patzcuaro is about a four hour drive from the Monarch butterfly reserve.  There is more variation in the boys’ costumes.  

I cannot figure out why they make the boys play bugles.  It is so hard to hit the right note on a bugle as you hear in the video.


The Two Marias

The Two Marias were women who had lived in Santiago all their lives when it was a really small town.  They were loved and admired by many people.  When they died, the city put a statue of them in the Alameda park.  On a busy Sunday afternoon, many people stop and take pictures of themselves and friends with the statue.

Lately I have been just as interested in what I hear on the street as what I see.  On Saturday, I sat on a bench next to a woman who was talking angrily to a friend.  She never stopped to even take a breath.  I thought this would make a great sound track for something unrelated.  On Sunday I was in the park again and noticed how many people stopped to photograph themselves with the statue.  I started taking pictures of them. Then it hit me.  These would be perfect with the lady.  I’ll make the video but then I thought you have those videos of New York, Washington and even Patzcuaro which you have not yet made.  Do them first.  I thought again and decided to make this video while I was excited by the experiences.