Welcome to the Sacred World

WalkingwithZinnia will be a set of videos about what I observe as I live, my reality, as it were.  Things that I like, that annoy me, give me pleasure, puzzle me.

I just happened to be in Morelia in 2014 on the day of the Carnival parade.  That was the first year that Morelia had had a parade.  In the past people took their “floats” around their neighborhoods but in recent years fights had been breaking out between the neighborhoods.  The city government decided that a parade would be a good solution.

The Spaniards would not let the native people attend bullfights among other more egregious forms of discrimination.  Over the years the indigenous people decided to make bulls and go around the city on Carnival day with the bulls, toritos.  Over the years the floats became more elaborate as you can see in this video.

When I was returning from Morelia in 2015, I had a five hour wait before catching the plane for Madrid.  I had really been dreading this wait especially since I had to leave Morelia at 6 am.  I thought, I will be tired and there is no place to sit down and I don’t like the food etc.  When I was in the airport I began to see things that interested me.  I was carrying my camera so I decided to start taking pictures.  I was surprised by  how many people I saw sitting on the floor which considering there really was no place else to sit should not have been surprising.  Then there were all the people sleeping.  Before I knew it I had to go through security and catch the plane for Madrid.

Sometimes when I am cooking I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the food.  It almost seems sacriligous to eat it is so wonderful.  In those moments, I run for my camera and take pictures.  That way I can have my persimmon and eat it at the same time.

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